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These Terms and Conditions are mandatory and binding. They apply to all purchases and activities made through the SITE. The use of the SITE implies the knowledge and acceptance of them. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using the SITE and/or the services offered by it.


THE OWNER reserves the right to unilaterally modify, without prior notice or communication to the USER, these Terms and Conditions, the design, presentation or configuration, the services offered, the registration or use requirements of the page. , without generating the right to claim or compensation in favour of the USER. For the ongoing transactions that have started before said modifications, the conditions in force at the time of their agreement will subsist, unless the new modifications introduced were more convenient for the USER.

THE OWNER will not be responsible for the existence, updating, veracity, privacy, operation, modifications, contents, offers and legality of the SITES of third parties linked through this WEBSITE. THE OWNER will not be responsible for the transactions made between the USER and the SITES with links on the page.

The USER may not, remove, delete, increase, add, or in any other way modify, totally or partially, the Content. Nor may you enter terms or use abusive, intimidating, discriminatory, slanderous expressions or contrary to good customs. You may not transmit information or material that may, specifically or eventually, violate the rights of third parties or that contains viruses or any other harmful component.

THE OWNER reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify at any time the services offered on this SITE, either permanently or temporarily. The compliance of the USERS will not be required, nor will any prior notice be necessary. Likewise, THE OWNER does not guarantee permanent access or use of the SITE, since it could be interrupted by technical issues beyond its control.

THE OWNER reserves the right to extract and edit in its entirety or in a fractional way, any message or material subscribed or sent by the USER. Likewise, the USER guarantees the OWNER permission for the use of any information, suggestion, idea, drawing or concept poured, with the purpose that THE OWNER uses it to obtain statistical information to improve the service, without any right to compensation in favour of the USER.

The USER undertakes to use the SITE following these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, and accordance with morality and good customs. The USER will be liable for damages of any nature that THE OWNER may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations derived from these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

THE OWNER may temporarily suspend or end the publication of the page without prior notice and at any time, without this generating any right to compensation in favour of the USER.

The USER acknowledges and accepts that the use of this page is at his own and exclusive risk, for which he acknowledges and accepts that neither THE OWNER, his employees or representatives, are responsible for damages arising from or resulting from the use of this page, including any error, omission, interruption, failure, deletion of files or electronic mails (e-mails), defects, viruses, and/or delays in operation or transmission and/or of any other type. The page can be used by the USER completely free of charge.

THE OWNER does not guarantee that the SITE is free of viruses, worms or any other element that could damage or alter the normal functioning of a computer, tablet, mobile and/or in general, any device for Internet access. It is the responsibility and exclusive obligation of the USER to have the tools adequate to detect, disinfect and/or prevent any type of elements and/or possible damages of this nature.

THE OWNER is not responsible for any damage that may occur in the computer equipment of Users or third parties as a result of browsing this SITE.

By using this page, the USER acknowledges and accepts that THE OWNER does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses in the content of this SITE or the linked SITES, nor the absence of other elements that could cause alterations in their computer systems or the electronic documents and files stored in the USER’s computer files.


USERS can freely browse the SITE but must be registered to make a purchase or use the services offered on it. The registration of the USERS is done by entering the SITE, and it has no cost. It is mandatory to complete the form in all fields with valid and true data, in an exact and precise way. For the correct operation of the system, USERS must keep their data updated. THE OWNER may proceed to verify the identity of the USER and/or the data provided by him.

THE OWNER is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data provided by the USERS. Likewise, THE OWNER reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend USERS in the event of non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions, as well as to reject requests.

USERS will access their Account (hereinafter the “ACCOUNT”) employing a User name and a personal password that they must choose. In case these data are forgotten by the User, THE OWNER has a help service to recover them. For this, you must click on the corresponding option and enter the e-mail that was provided at the time of registration. Upon completion, the system will confidentially send that account your USER name and personal password.


Through this page, technical linking devices (such as, among others, links, banners, buttons), directories and search tools that allow you to access web pages belonging to third parties (hereinafter the “SITES”) are made available to you. LINKED ”). The installation of these links on the pages of THE OWNER is limited to providing USERS with the search and access to the information available from the SITES linked on the Internet and does not assume that there is any kind of link or association between THE OWNER and the operators of the linked SITES. THE OWNER does not control, nor do they own the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing on the linked SITES. Therefore, the USER must exercise extreme caution in the valuation and use of the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing on the linked SITES.

THE OWNER does not guarantee or assume any liability for damages of any nature that may be caused by:

  1. a) The operation, availability, accessibility or continuity of linked SITES.
  2. b) The maintenance of the services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing on the linked SITES.
  3. c) The obligations and offers existing in the linked SITES.


All the rights of this SITE are reserved and correspond to the OWNER. The content of this SITE, including but not limited to the text, logos, graphics, and all design in general, as well as its database and software, is the exclusive property of the OWNER or has the right to use it under licenses for use awarded. It is protected by current national and international legislation on intellectual property.

If the USER considers that the SITE violates or in any way violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, he must notify the OWNER at the address indicated in these General Terms and Conditions, accompanying all the information and necessary documentation that supports the aforementioned consideration.

By using this page, the USER acknowledges and accepts that THE OWNER is excluded from any responsibility that may be caused by the unauthorized use of the brands or other intellectual property rights of third parties or contained in the linked SITES.

In the same way, the eventual references made on this page to any product, service, process, linked SITE, hypertext or any other information in which brands, distinctive signs or domains, the commercial name or the manufacturer’s name are used, supplier, etc., which are owned by third parties, at no time shall constitute, or imply any endorsement or recommendation by the OWNER. And this, in no case, will be assigned ownership or responsibility for them.


The use and access to this website of THE OWNER will be considered as acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy by the USER. The personal data that the USER freely and voluntarily provides to the OWNER, such as names, email, DNI, telephone and/or file number, and/or any other that they voluntarily provide, when necessary to provide a specific service, are included in automated files, processed under strict confidentiality and data protection regulations.

The USER may provide information regarding their tastes, evaluations and preferences. THE OWNER will use that information to create advertising and/or improve the service provided.

Just as THE OWNER agrees to maintain the confidentiality of the data provided by the USERS for their registration, the latter undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of their name and password. By what is stated in the previous paragraph, USERS are responsible for the use made of their password and must bear in mind that, if third parties have or may have future access to the e-mail account entered as their own in the registration form, they could also request your access code and USER name. It is the sole obligation of the USER to take the appropriate measures so that this does not happen. The USER undertakes to immediately and reliably notify the OWNER of any unauthorized use of his USER Account and to keep it harmless in the event of any damage to the OWNER or third parties.

THE OWNER is a person in charge registered with No. 41800211 before the National Registry of Databases, dependent on the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data of the Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights. The personal information that USERS enter on the SITE will be treated confidentially and THE OWNER will do his best to protect their privacy, under the provisions of Law 25,326. For this, the Verisign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system will be used, which encrypts the data provided and prevents unauthorized use, guaranteeing a safe operation, even though the USER expressly acknowledges that the Internet is not an impregnable means of security.

When data and numbers corresponding to credit cards are entered, they are encrypted, thus ensuring that they are kept completely confidential and cannot be seen by other people.

Under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, No. 25,326, USERS will have the right to access, update and rectify the data entered when they wish. If the deletion of the data is requested, it will imply ceasing to be a user of the system and it must be done by letter, document or presentation with certified signature, name of the OWNER at the address indicated herein. Any USER of the SITE will have the right to request and obtain information about their data that THE OWNER has in its base, being obliged to provide the requested information within ten calendar days of having been authenticated intimately. USERS may also exercise the right of rectification when the data they have is incorrect.

Likewise, Users may request at any time the withdrawal of their request and the removal of their Account from the database.

THE OWNER guarantees the USERS that he will use the data within the guidelines established by Law 25,326 on the Protection of Personal Data.

If the data is required by the corresponding legal, administrative or judicial means, THE OWNER undertakes to disclose them to the requesting authority. To the extent that legislation and procedural rules allow, THE OWNER will inform USERS of these requirements.

By registering on the SITE and being part of the General Customer Base, USERS accept that THE OWNER communicates with them by postal, telephone or electronic means to send information that they consider, in their sole discretion, that may be of interest to them, including advertising and information about offers and promotions. If USERS do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, they may reliably express it to the OWNER, who will proceed to interrupt this type of communication in the shortest time possible.

The owner of the personal data has the power to exercise the right of access to them free of charge at intervals of not less than six months unless a legitimate interest to that effect is established under the provisions of article 14, paragraph 3 of the Law No. 25,326. The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, Control Body of Law No. 25,326, has the authority to attend to complaints and claims that are filed concerning non-compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data.


The Site may use a tracking system using «cookies», so that access to information, when turning from page to page, is carried out more quickly. It also helps in some cases to identify USERS, without having to ask them for their password again and again.

These COOKIES are small files that the visited page sends and are lodged in the hard disk of the computer, occupying little space.

USERS are informed that using the options of their browser, they may limit or restrict the hosting of these “cookies” according to their wishes, although it is not advisable to restrict them completely.

The system may collect information about your preferences and interests. If this occurs, the information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes to improve the services provided on the Site. THE OWNER will apply, to the greatest extent possible, procedures for decoupling the information so that the holders of the data are unidentifiable.


To use the services of the SITE, you must have the legal capacity to contract. Those who lack it, those who have been suspended or disabled, or minors will not be able to access the services. The parents, guardians or persons responsible for minors or the disabled who use the SITE will be responsible for such use, including any charge, billing or damage derived from it.


THE OWNER may, at any time, terminate or suspend the access that the USER has to all or part of this SITE, without prior notice, and without generating the right to claim or compensation. Neither the termination or suspension of access nor any action or inaction of the USER will terminate the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which will remain in full force and force indefinitely, subject only to any changes that THE OWNER makes.


Any action or use of devices, software, or other instruments intended to interfere both in the activities and operations of the OWNER, as well as in the offers, descriptions, accounts or databases of THE OWNER is illegal. Any intrusion, attempt or activity that violates or is contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights, systems security, and/or the prohibitions stipulated in this document will make your person liable for the pertinent legal actions, and the penalties provided for in this agreement.


Before buying, the User must take into account that the selected products may not be in stock. All purchases are subject to availability, especially considering that www.alzaprimaargentina.com only operates via the Internet. For this reason, it may happen that, even though it is possible to order the purchase of the product on the SITE, there are no stocks of it, due to a matter of daily movement in the premises of the companies that supply the products to www.alzaprimaargentina.com.

Likewise, the price of the products we offer on the Site may not coincide with that of the different premises or suppliers that supply the OWNER.


Options for delay or out of stock product

In case the selected product or products are out of stock or delayed, THE OWNER will contact the USER and will invite him to choose one of the following options: A) Continue waiting for the delivery of the chosen product (in case of delay); B) Cancellation of the purchase and refund of the amount by the original means of payment; C) Opt for an alternative product offered by THE OWNER for the particular case.

When the User chooses to cancel the purchase, the amount paid will be returned according to the payment method chosen in due course. If it has been paid in US dollars, the amount will be returned at the buyer’s exchange rate on the day of the cancellation.

If the USER opts for the alternative product offered by THE OWNER, it must contain the same or superior characteristics. In no case will the USER be asked to pay additional sums or to take charge of the differences, unless the alternative product offered by THE OWNER and chosen by the USER is of widely superior and expensive characteristics to that originally requested by the USER. For the situations contemplated in this section, the User will have a period of (10) ten days to choose one of the options mentioned. If the USER is silent in this regard, THE OWNER may presume that he has chosen to cancel the purchase, and will proceed to refund the amount paid, by the original means of payment.

Refund of the amount paid

In the cases mentioned in the previous point in which the USER has opted for the refund of the amount paid, they must take into account that the refund may take some days, due to deadlines and administrative issues.

For cases of a return via bank deposit, the bank account must be in the name of the holder of the USER Account from where the operation was carried out. If the entitlements do not coincide, the express authorization of the owner of the USER Account will be required as a prerequisite before the deposit.

Validity of promotions

If THE OWNER makes offers and product promotions, these will be valid for purchases made from the start date of the same, until the end of the offer. The terms and conditions of these will be communicated on the SITE, and will always be subject to the existence in stock of the products offered.

Value-added tax (VAT)

All prices expressed on the SITE include VAT unless otherwise indicated.

Products warranty

The sale of the products is carried out on behalf of the supplier. The guarantee of the products that are acquired through the OWNER is that offered by the manufacturers and/or suppliers of these, who are the only ones directly responsible. Once the three (3) month period has elapsed, any claim must be directed against the manufacturer and/or supplier of the product.

Right of repentance. Return of products

The USER will have the right to return the products purchased on the SITE during the period of five calendar days, counted from the delivery of the thing, without liability. For this, you must reliably notify the OWNER, within the indicated period, and make the purchased product (s) available to them. The products must be in the same state in which they were received, without having been used, and with the original packaging. THE OWNER will return to the USER all the amounts received, at their expense, the return costs.

Likewise, if the product or products have a manufacturing defect, have suffered breakages or deterioration in transit, or were dispatched in error, the USER must contact the Customer Service Center within the period mentioned in the previous paragraph, so that THE OWNER proceed, as appropriate, to manage the re-dispatch of the purchase, or proceed to withdraw the order.

The products must not have been used and must be in the same condition in which they were received, with their packaging and labels. For example, and illustrative purposes only, if the product is in plastic packaging, it must be neatly and carefully opened, otherwise the change cannot be made.

Payment methods

Payments can be made by card. THE OWNER may enable other options, to facilitate purchases by USERS.

All payment methods are subject to the amount being duly credited and/or verified.

I pay with credit card

Payments can be made online using cards, Visa, Diners, Mastercard and American Express. All the information entered by the User is protected by the SSL system (according to point 6.Privacy Policy).

The confirmation of the purchase by credit card will be subject to the authorization of its issuer.

Shipping of products. Delivery time

Deliveries will be made to the address indicated by the USER. The validity and authenticity of that address is the sole responsibility of the USER. Orders will not be delivered to mailboxes (P.O. Box or similar).

The delivery time depends on the availability of the product, the shipping time and the approval of the payment method. The days indicated are estimates.

When making a purchase, the USER receives in his email box a confirmation that the order has been accepted, along with an order number.

To ensure maximum efficiency in deliveries, these are carried out by specialized companies.

The approval time varies according to the payment method. In the case of credit cards, the USER must verify that the data provided for authorization is correct.

The availability time is the time it takes for the supplier to deliver the product to the OWNER for shipment. The shipping time varies depending on the destination, where the delivery is requested. The delivery time of the entire order, as well as its cost, will be informed to the USER before accepting the purchase.

Shipping costs

The USER will be informed of the delivery costs before making the purchase. These costs are calculated based on the total weight and/or the total volume of the shipment, and also depend on the area of ​​the delivery address.

Shipping costs will be discriminated as a separate item on the invoice. THE OWNER is always working to improve the quality and cost of delivery for its customers. For this reason, these costs and shipping policies are subject to change without prior notice.

Delivery schedules

The products will be delivered from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 18:00, except for national holidays. USERS will not be able to choose the time of day when the purchased product (s) will be delivered, so it is recommended to select your work address as a delivery point for greater security. In any case, suggestions may be made in the observations field at the time of purchase, which will be subject to the circuit of the company that is in charge of shipping the products.

Delivery address

The address where the product will be delivered will be the one that the USER indicates. It may not coincide with your home address. It is the responsibility of the USER to complete and carefully review the information related to delivery so that the purchase is sent in an effective and timely manner. As already mentioned, no shipments are made to mailboxes (P.O. Box).

Inquiry about shipping status

The status (“tracking”) of the order may be consulted at any time via e-mail [email protected] In all cases, the order number must be indicated.


The USER will have at his disposal the “C” invoice with clear and precise information on the products purchased, the method and payment plan, and the currency for the transaction at the OWNER’s offices. If you need such documentation, you can contact through [email protected] and the requested invoice will be sent to you.

The invoices are issued by THE OWNER: Juan Ignacio Pintos, with address at Arévalo 2141 3 ° A, Buenos Aires, Argentina. CUIT N ° 20-33837139-0

Cancellation of purchase orders

Without prejudice to the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the USER may cancel an order, as long as it has not yet been dispatched. For this, you must contact THE OWNER within 24 hours of purchasing by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

If the cancellation of the purchase is total, the amount will be refunded through the means of payment used to pay, or it may be left as a credit to purchase another product. The USER acknowledges that, in this case, THE OWNER must make another shipment, which is why the user must charge the costs produced by this modification.

Use of the service “Recommend This Product to a Friend”

In the framework of its Privacy Policy, THE OWNER agrees to maintain the absolute confidentiality of the personal data sent by the USERS. The sending of comments about our products by e-mail is done with the express consent of the sender, and under no circumstances may it be considered as “spam” (mass sending of email messages with unsolicited advertising).


USERS are strictly prohibited from:

  1. a) send files or any type of information whose content is illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, injurious or contrary to good customs;
  2. b) send files that contain viruses or any other feature capable of damaging the operation of a computer, either on the Site or on the system;
  3. c) use the Site to violate any type of current regulation;
  4. d) register under false data and make a purchase. Provide false data at any other time when any other type of information or personal data is required;
  5. e) offer products or services;
  6. f) use automatic or manual programs, software or devices to monitor or copy the information or any type of content on the Site without the OWNER’s prior consent.


The corporate name of the company is Juan Ignacio Pintos, residing at Arévalo 2141 3 ° A, Buenos Aires, Argentina. CUIT No. 20-33837139-0. All notifications and/or communications that must be made for the use of the Site under these General Terms and Conditions must be made in writing:

(i) to the USER: by email, to the email account provided by him, or by letter document, to the address stated in the registration form.

(ii) to the OWNER: to the address or email account [email protected], or their legal address indicated in the previous point Arévalo 2141 3 ° A, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

These Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted under the laws of the Argentine Republic. THE USER agrees that any legal action or procedure between THE OWNER and them, for any purpose regarding these Terms and Conditions, will be brought exclusively in the National Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.