Red Cedar Wood

Red Cedar Wood-AlzaPrima

Main features and uses that make Red Cedar Wood unique. The Red Cedar, or as it is called in Argentina Cedro Misionero, actually has a Latin name which is, Cedrela fissilis.This tree is native to Central and South America, so it is found in tropical and subtropical zones. Thanks to its location it has a […]

Leather explained

vegetable tann leather used for alzaprima bags

Contents1 Definition, Main Features, differences and Types of leather1.0.1 Tanning Process: Vegetable Tanning: Chromium Tanning:1.0.2 The Layer used in the Tanning Process: Split: Grain:1.0.3 The animal used:1.0.4 How it is finished: SemiFinished: Aniline: Semi-aniline: Pigmented (Corrected-grain): Bicast: Suede: Nubuck:1.0.5 The Shape and Cut:1.1 What we do at AlzaPrima Definition, Main Features, differences and […]

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